The 'Drunk User' Test

Have a brilliant user interface that you’re implementing with your latest mobile app design?

Find a friend who’s been imbibing already and have them test it out before you tell them how it’s supposed to work.

Or, if you don’t have any tipsy friends near you (and you’re safely at home), crack open a few cold ones yourself and take note of any hiccups in the user flow of your design.

The folks from Squareweave offer some sound reasoning for at least thinking of your potential users as “drunk” ones (but they probably aren’t, they just may need some help.) 

Watch the video here:

Make sure your “groundbreaking design” isn’t so different that you have to explain to the user how to use the product’s core feature more than once; user-first design should be your daily mantra.

And remember: The user may be drunk, but the user is not stupid. They're just easily frustrated.